The GinIstra festival offers a journey through the world of flavors, scents, and rich traditions - to a festival dedicated to one of the most beloved and magical drinks of all time - the gin festival.

The world of gin is infused with layers of history, culture, and innovation, and at festivals like GinIstra, these layers unfold like pages of a book, revealing to us the diversity of flavors, the art of mixing, and the stories behind each bottle.

The gin festival brings together enthusiasts of this drink, whether they are passionate consumers, cocktail lovers, or gin producers themselves. These events provide an opportunity to explore different brands, flavors, and gin-making techniques through tastings, workshops,

presentations, and panel discussions with top domestic and international experts.

At the heart of every gin festival lies the desire to share knowledge, explore new flavors, and connect with a community that values top quality and the art of distillation.

Whether you are new to the world of gin or an experienced connoisseur, GinIstra offers the opportunity to expand your horizons, meet new people, and enjoy an unforgettable experience that will further enrich your love for this mystical drink.



International edition 2 of the GinIstra Festival took place on Friday and Saturday, October 6th and 7th, 2023, at the Old Tobacco Factory in Rovinj. This young festival delighted numerous gin enthusiasts, both participants and visitors alike.

Apart from around 30 exhibitors who came from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, and Serbia, GinIstra 2 was attended by more than 1500 visitors who enjoyed good drinks and an excellent atmosphere. In addition to tastings, attendees closely followed interesting lectures, panel discussions, and workshops.

The title "Best gin in show 2023" was awarded to Lucanus gin from the Old Hills distillery, owned by Matko Meštrović from Bjelovar. Along with the gold plaque, the winner received a still provided by the company DES4EU. This gin was also declared the best in the London Dry Gin category, while in the Distilled Gin category, the best gin was proclaimed to be the Orange Turbo gin from the Carasman distillery in Zagreb.

It is worth noting that 57 samples of gins from Croatia, Italy, Serbia, and Slovenia were submitted for evaluation, and the Evaluation Committee was composed of eminent experts from Croatia, Italy, and Serbia.

Furthermore, among the awardees were numerous Istrian gin producers, and the following distilleries received gold medals for their products: Count's drinks and Istarska kapljica from Kaštelir, Martesi and Sempervivum from Poreč, Rossi from Vižinada, and AurA from Buzet. It is worth mentioning that Count's drinks from Kaštelir also produces the only Croatian craft tonic, which will be mixed with the splendid gins offered this weekend.



The highly successful last year's edition of the GinIstra festival, which attracted around 1500 visitors, returns to Rovinj this year in a new form.

The organizers have already announced that the 2nd GinIstra will last two days, namely, it will take place on October 6th and 7th, 2023, but that's not the only novelty.

This year's edition of the Istrian gin festival will be held in a new venue, with the Old Tobacco Factory Rovinj becoming the host. Numerous exhibitors will be presented to visitors there in early October, including those from outside Croatia, so the organizers proudly announce that GinIstra is taking on an international character.

Thus, exhibitors from Croatia and the rest of Europe engaged in the production, presentation, and sale of gin will have the opportunity to listen to interesting panel discussions and participate in workshops focusing on this increasingly popular drink – gin – during the two-day gathering in Rovinj.

In addition to all the above, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich musical program that will accompany the festival's program over the course of two days, and the lineup of performers entertaining gin producers and enthusiasts in Rovinj will be announced soon.

Furthermore, exhibitor registrations will begin next week.

"Reserve the first weekend in October for a visit to Rovinj so that we can all enjoy gin together at the 2nd GinIstra!", the organizers have announced.

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